The Broken Pentacle

Got Ourselves a Lab Rat
Break out the petree dishes.

It’s been about a month, so it’s a little hazy for all of us. Forgive me if I can’t find the notes where I jotted down the NPC names.

I’ll keep this brief. The vampire hunt is over, the interrogation is done, and the characters have gotten themselves one of the source vampires as a mostly-volunteer lab rat. It looks like the characters are close to finding out how this plague started. The vampire alluded to a human that the “good feelings” started with. If the players can get some clues from the vampire and find out a bit about how the plague started, they have a good shot at ending it.

Side Notes:
Something weird is going on with the vampires. There is some freak calling himself the God of Blood and Flesh running the show with the bloodsuckers and he has them terrified. Apparently the blood magic the vamps were using was to shield their meeting from him.
Careful driving the stake back in, you might ash them.
Players took some degeneration rolls.
While the players have been looking for a vampire source, it appears the vamps originally got it from a human. Is she dead yet? She should be…

A Lesson in Vampire Slaying
Third Session

The characters went on a mission with Vlad and crew to hunt and capture some vampires. Vlad wants to know what’s going on with the local vampire politics, the players just want one to question and experiment on.

  • Vlad has a crazy hobby. He gets help from equally crazy homeless vets.
  • Players encountered Theo, 4 Generic Vampires, 3 Generic Ghouls, and “saved” 6 Vampire Sycophants.
  • The players got to gear up with a bunch of toys, including Firebugs, Molotov Cocktails, Stakes, Road Flares, and Wasp Knives.
  • Burning the vampires or staking them seems to work best.
  • Tisiphone learned not to play with vampire claws. Aggravated Damage
  • Two Red-Shirt hobos were lost, I’m hoping the PCs will show some concern.
  • One vamp and the ghouls escaped. One vamp burned. The rest were staked and bagged.
  • NPC Jeremy is coming back from Cloudy with a Chance of Violence. Maybe he’ll get a character sheet this time. Maybe he could even provide clues as to what the hell happened.

Here is the nasty part. The players attacked people for the first time. They used magic on them. They even killed one. The PCs can rationalize that Vampires aren’t really people, or that ghouls are inhuman, or that they were there to save people; But they aggressively attacked sentient beings with magic. We still haven’t rolled on the Acts of Hubris, and they are listed below.

  • Velvet – Wisdom 7 Sin, Laying a curse on someone. (4 Dice) Causing guns to malfunction for your enemies in combat is a minor curse, but it’s still a curse.
  • Tisiphone – Wisdom 4 Sin, Using magic to harm someone. (3 Dice) Used Devouring the Slain on a vampire.
  • Stephan “Airakmys” Gallatik – Wisdom 3 Sin, Using magic for manslaughter. (2 Dice) Used Control Fire to finish off a burning vampire.

In going back through the book, I was surprised how far down the chart the sins were. The Wisdom Scale is pretty harsh compared to mortal morality, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why there are so many folk tales about mad wizards. As it recommends in WoD p. 92, a modifier may be allowed if you felt the character was following his/her virtue. But give me a good reason. Violence costs you your perspective, even if you’re just “helping” or “trying to do what’s right”. We can role-play the guilt or callousness if you fail the role, or the rationalizing if you pass. It will be fun!

The players learned a fair amount about vampires, encountered new spirit magic, met new people, fought for their lives, and encountered still unknown vampire blood magic. For this, they get a respectable amount of experience.

  • The Doctor gets 2 Experience and 1 Arcane Experience. He was only there part of the time.
  • Airakmys, Tisiphone, and Velvet get 4 Experience and 3 Arcane Experience.

Additionally, we’ll need to deal with some healing bookkeeping at the beginning of the next session.


Players: Stephan “Airakmys” Gallatik, The Doctor, Tisiphone, Velvet

Mystery Play: Tisiphone
The Last Autopsy

Belladonnablue wrote up the mystery play for her character Tisiphone. It’s a good read and worth 5 Arcane Experience. Another step closer to higher gnosis. Read it at the link below!

The Last Autopsy


The Blood Worms Pt. 2
More worms. More Bodies.

In our second session, the players continued to investigate the blood worms and found out several new details about the case.

  • People can die from the worms. Heart failure takes place eventually, they had three bodies that did not commit suicide.
  • The worms can be changed into another life form with a life 3 spell, curing the patient. This is an unusually vulgar spell and requires some knowledge of the spirit arcana to pull off. (Penalties for low spirit aracana.)
  • Using life magic to cure a widespread and growing infection is likely impractical.
  • Players have made considerable progress to finding a mundane cure for the worms.
  • The worms can infect animals too. In this case rats.
  • Two figures that were in the Rebar don’t show up on video cameras. They just looks like blurry smears.
  • The rebar owner is trying to hide something, likely drugs.
  • There is a somewhat crazy Adamantine Arrow mage that goes by Vlad who hunts vampires.
  • Telling a patient that they have cancer when they don’t, then curing them of the not-cancer can lead to awkward social situations.

Next session we are going to pick up with a meeting with Vlad. He told the players to show up armed, and will likely lead them on a vampire hunt. Good opportunity for gathering intelligence. Good opportunity for doing combat. Good opportunity for degeneration roles and making enemies.


Players: The Doctor, Stephan “Airakmys” Gallatik, Tisiphone

The Blood Worms Pt. 1
The creepy little worms that infect everything.

The players investigated the circumstances of the late Megan Carter’s death. An apparent suicide, her body was found covered in wriggling red flatworms. After a great deal of investigating they know the following things…

  • The flatworms live in the blood and seem to be drawn to it.
  • They are supernatural in nature.
  • They eat mana.
  • Their lifecycles are tied to vampires in some way.
  • They show up in aura’s as a red hole-ridden tint. (Prime, Death, Life)
  • The infected show symptoms of hemophilia.
  • The worms cause brain damage to the impulse control center.
  • The worms gather en mass around the heart and liver.
  • The Rebar was a hangout of Megan’s and dozens who visit it are infected.
  • Megan had two friends, a man and a woman, who showed up in many photos and should be questioned.
  • The mother didn’t seem to have anything to do with it.
  • Megan’s ghost is still in this plain, but is likely anchored to something other than her body or mother’s house.
  • The flatworm shows up in some Mage records and is named Schistosoma Piaculum.

The players also abducted an infected individual for study. Her name is Bethany Brown and she is riddled with the worms. They examined her in The Doctor’s clinic, and will likely take her to the hospital.


Players: Joxar, Stephan “Airakmys” Gallatik, The Slav, Tisiphone

Finally Moving
Character Creation

Well, this is the third time we’ve gotten together to work on characters and we finally have a character sheet on the page! Additionally, I have gotten the wiki started and am trying to get all the rule reference pages together. Maybe we’ll actually get to play soon!


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